The Pillars


Education & Skills Development

Empowering individuals through education and skill-building. We support early childhood development, primary and high schooling education, tertiary education, and training in ICT, Nature Conservation, and Hospitality. Additionally, we prioritize adult skills development through community-based learning programs. By investing in education and skills, we aim to support our communities, enabling individuals to create their own job opportunities and contribute to community growth.

Enterprise Development

Supporting local businesses and creating economic opportunities. We believe in fostering entrepreneurship and driving local trade for community growth.

By facilitating the development of local enterprises and providing MFC-supported initiatives, we stimulate demand and enable trading within the community. Our goal is to empower individuals, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the local economy.

Improving Living Standards

Our core focus is improving living standards through essential services and clean water access. We address basic human needs for better community quality of life, including secure environments, basic healthcare, proper sanitation, and clean, running water. We promote sustainability by installing solar or renewable energy-powered boreholes in underprivileged areas. Our goal is to fulfill human rights, prevent illness, and reduce child mortality rates.

Conservation & Human Wildlife Conflict

Caring for the Earth’s natural environment and resources for future generations. We engage in community-based conservation, environmental education, and human-wildlife conflict mitigation. By preserving species diversity, ecosystems, and natural functions, we maintain a healthy environmental balance. Every species and habitat are essential for our planet’s well-being, providing us with oxygen, water, and food. South Africa’s natural resources, including its biodiversity, drive economic growth through tourism and contribute to social development. By involving communities, we promote collaboration and custodianship, ensuring the protection of our natural heritage. Through Conservation & Human-Wildlife Conflict, we strive to create a sustainable future, where nature thrives, communities prosper, and the delicate balance of our planet is preserved.