Henna Preschool – Huntington Village

Henna Preschool – Huntington Village

Sponsored by Lion Sands, Mpumalanga

Henna Preschool marked the inception of More Community Foundation’s initiatives in 2002. Over the ensuing two decades, our partnership with the school has not only cultivated a positive bond with the community but has also played a pivotal role in the successful launch of various projects in Huntington Village. Presently, the school boasts an experienced team of 11 permanent staff members, encompassing teachers, cooks, cleaners, and a security guard. In a significant development, the school is transitioning to the Department of Education.

The school’s enrollment consistently hovers around an average of 140 learners. Notably, in 2019, the New Beginnings Daycare project, which had been dedicated to supporting young mothers and their infants for over 14 years, seamlessly integrated into the operations of Henna Preschool.

NEEDS: New toilets for learners, new classroom windows, a new ceiling for two classrooms and roof repairs

PROGRESS: We implemented a novel feature at the school, which we aptly named the Happy Circle due to its integral role in fostering positivity within the school community. The circle serves multiple purposes, serving as the venue for the children’s morning ring, hosting guests during community experiences, and providing a platform to share stories of our work with the school. Furthermore, it has evolved into a central meeting area for school leadership and their various engagements. Notably, the Happy Circle is equipped with a sand pit, offering children a delightful space for unrestricted play during their break times.

We have installed a large shade net that covers the entire designated play area for the children, extending to include the jungle gym. This protective measure shields the kids from the intense and potentially harmful sunlight prevalent in the area, ensuring a safer and more comfortable play environment.

To ensure the well-being and safety of the children, we have taken steps to enhance hygiene and facilities at Henna. Notably, we have replaced the old toilets with new, modern facilities, facilitating easy access for the children during their toilet breaks.