A hive of activity

A hive of activity

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s our way of life. We’re committed to adopting eco-friendly practices, championing the fair treatment of people, and conducting business with integrity. We’ve partnered with More Family Collection to co-ordinate and manage the many sustainable practices active on the ground at their Lodges and Hotels.

It’s a hive of activity at Marataba Luxury Lodge 🐝!

Honeybees face challenges that threaten their existence—from habitat loss to pesticides. As these little wonders pollinate about a third of our food crops, it’s not just ecologically smart, but also essential, to ensure their well-being. We all, literally, depend on them.

When a hive gets too crowded, some bees, led by the queen, set out to find a new home—this phenomenon is known as swarming. Beekeepers employ catch boxes, strategically placed near food and water sources, to lure these swarms. Here, the bees can safely establish themselves temporarily.

Watch as Tim, a Field Guide at Marataba Luxury Lodge, recently helped transition a flourishing colony from a catch box to a more spacious hive body, or “super.” This standard structure lets the bees craft honeycomb, store their golden honey and pollen, and nurture their young.

Ever wondered about the smoke around beekeepers? It’s not just for show. It cloaks the beekeeper’s scent, making it less likely for the bees to see him/her as a threat. While this makes hive checks a smoother affair, the smoke also has an enchanting effect on the bees. Sensing it, they gorge on honey, preparing themselves just in case they need to vacate their hive to escape fire.

With its roomy design, a hive body allows the colony ample space to thrive. It’s also crafted for beekeepers to effortlessly monitor and manage the colony’s health, ensuring these vital pollinators continue to buzz brightly for our shared future. 🌍🌼🐝

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