Sustainability in Action: Our Commitment to Tomorrow

Sustainability in Action: Our Commitment to Tomorrow

At More Community Foundation (MCF), we champion long-term solutions over quick fixes. We aim to disrupt the cycle of poverty and environmental mismanagement by forging a path that balances the needs of today with the capacity of future generations to meet their own.

Guided by the principles of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our ethos rests on the ‘triple bottom line of sustainability’. This encapsulates environmental, social, and economic sustainability, ensuring a holistic impact.

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword to us – it’s the way we live. By embracing eco-friendly strategies, promoting inclusivity, and upholding ethical business practices, we are committed to leaving a lasting positive imprint.

Our community projects have flourished through a steadfast partnership with MORE Family Collection (MFC), a group of luxury lodges and hotels spanning South Africa and Zimbabwe. While tourism can be a double-edged sword – offering economic growth and conservation support on one side but posing threats like pollution and habitat destruction on the other – our mission is clear: amplify tourism’s positive impacts and curtail its negatives.

MORE Family Collection understands the symbiotic relationship they and their guests share with both landscapes and wildlife. This understanding fuels their drive to function sustainably and responsibly. They’ve entrusted us with the hands-on management of their sustainability initiatives across properties. Backed by on-site More-Sustainability Committees, we safeguard and nurture their cultural and sustainable values.

MORE Sustainability

With the support of Dr. Andrea Ferry, a seasoned sustainability consultant, MFC crafted a robust sustainability framework. This foundation guides their every decision and action. They’ve set clear, measurable targets, and it’s our role to guide, monitor, and report on their progress.

MFC’s Sustainability Framework comprises two significant pillars – Environment and Community – segmented further into nine pivotal categories.


MFC strives to lessen environmental repercussions through careful deliberation on energy, water, waste, food, materials, and conservation.

From reducing their carbon footprint in building energy consumption to evaluating sustainable transport and supply chains, MFC’s approach to energy is dynamic and responsive. Their water strategy emphasizes conscious usage and innovative recycling methods. Their waste management stands comprehensive and holistic, with a recycling backbone and a keen awareness of hazardous waste complexities. Their culinary ethos leans heavily towards ethical and eco-friendly sourcing, prioritising local suppliers and sustainable produce. In materials, MFC champions eco-friendly alternatives and sustainable wood sources. Finally, conservation remains an enduring commitment, mirrored in their rigorous policies and practices that demonstrate respect for the environment.


MFC is dedicated to its people and its local communities. Through conservation and development projects, fostering positive workspaces, and venerating diverse cultures, they aim to make a meaningful difference.

Guests are seamlessly woven into the community narrative, with opportunities for genuine immersion. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, like “Pack for a Purpose”, we continue to bridge gaps in community needs. For staff, MFC holds a gold standard in employment practices – from local hiring to fair remuneration and fostering a spirit of inclusivity. Cultural respect and understanding are deep-seated, with enriching experiences offered to guests and comprehensive training provided to staff, ensuring an enriched and authentic connection to the communities we support.

Through our partnership with MFC, we aim to rejuvenate, inspire, and make meaningful connections. Our commitment is to the lasting harmony between nature, communities, and cultures.

We believe that every action, no matter how small, has the power to shape the world.

Protect, Preserve, Prosper: A greener future for all!

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