The School Safari Program: The Seed of Environmental Education Takes Root

The School Safari Program: The Seed of Environmental Education Takes Root

The School Safari Program is an initiative aimed at creating a bud of awareness in the hearts and minds of young scholars in the rural communities surrounding the Lodges and Hotels of More Family Collection. Aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, this program is as much a commitment to the future of our planet as it is an educational initiative.

Journey Through Nature

The School Safari Program has been an adventurous and enlightening journey since 2018, bringing the wonders of wildlife and nature to the doorsteps of young learners. From the wild bush of Lion Sands Game Reserve to the deep seas of Cape Town’s Marine World, we’ve bridged the gap between textbooks and the tangible world.

Passion Comes Alive

Imagine the sparkle in the eyes of a child seeing a lion for the first time or the awe in discovering the intricate ecosystem of a coral reef. These moments are nothing short of transformative.

Conservation At Heart

Our safaris are much more than entertaining excursions, they are lessons in conservation. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the aim for these experiences is that they instil a sense of responsibility, and a drive to protect our natural heritage.

Looking To Tomorrow

As we expand our horizons, the School Safari Program continues to evolve. This year, we integrate our efforts with the Extra Mile Fundraising Event, strengthening our commitment to environmental education.

Our mission is clear: to build a world where every child can experience and contribute to the wonder of our planet!

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