A Ray of Hope in Justicia B: The Story of the Jabez Preschool

A Ray of Hope in Justicia B: The Story of the Jabez Preschool

In the village of Justicia B, deep in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, a quiet yet profound transformation is underway. Prior to the establishment of Jabez Preschool, the youngest members of this rural community faced a daunting reality: long, arduous walks to distant schools, a journey fraught with challenges and risks. In response to the urgent plea from the community’s leaders regarding the desperate need for accessible education, More Community Foundation (MCF) initiated the Jabez Preschool in 2017. This preschool has since become a symbol of hope, offering early childhood education right within the village, and providing a safe haven for children aged 3 to 6 years old.

A Sanctuary For Early Childhood Development

Since its inception, Jabez Preschool has grown from a humble beginning with just 15 children, to now serving over 100 learners. Each day, the school’s gates open to welcome these young minds, offering them not just education, but a refuge – a place where they are nurtured, cared for, and given the foundation for a brighter future.

The Journey of Growth, and the Path Ahead

Jabez Preschool has made great strides, with fundamental steps having been taken toward its autonomy.

But with growth comes new challenges. Today, Jabez Preschool needs to expand to accommodate its growing family of learners. The requirement for a third classroom is urgent, as space is scarce. The existing ablution facilities are stretched to their limits, necessitating the construction of an additional block. Furthermore, the school’s kitchens, vital in providing daily nutritious meals, are stretched beyond their capacity and need repairs. An expansion of the vegetable garden is also essential to enhance the variety and quality of nutritious food offered.

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Your Role in This Story

This is where the power of community and collective action becomes pivotal. We are committed to nurturing and developing Jabez Preschool, with the vision of it eventually being managed by the local community. Your support can make a tangible difference in achieving these goals. Contributions from donors and sponsors are crucial in:

  • Building an additional classroom for the expanding student body [ZAR1,707,980]
  • Constructing a new ablution block for improved sanitation [ZAR384,296]
  • Repairing and maintaining the kitchens for healthy meal preparation [ZAR23,584]
  • Expanding the vegetable garden for a diverse and nutritious diet [ZAR98,113]
  • Indoor and outdoor flooring [ZAR32,543]
  • Roof repairs (ZAR46,384]

Calling all Changemakers

By supporting Jabez Preschool, you are helping shape the futures of these young children in Justicia B. Your investment goes beyond the physical structures; it nurtures dreams, cultivates talents, and builds a foundation for a better tomorrow.

While the costs are significant, every cent matters. It always starts with just one step, and we call the many changemakers to help us to share the story of these humans in need. Together we can realise the vision.

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