Jabez Preschool – Justicia B Village

Jabez Preschool – Justicia B Village

Sponsored by Lion Sands, Mpumalanga

In the heart of the Bushbuckridge municipality, Mpumalanga province of South Africa, lies a little village called Justicia B, home to Jabez Preschool. This unique community, mostly Mozambique nationals, faces significant challenges due to limited access to municipal services. With a population exceeding 3000, the absence of a local school and reliable water sources posed a critical risk, especially to the village’s youngest members who had to endure long, perilous walks to distant schools – barely 5 years old!

Our Journey

More Community Foundation (MCF) responded to the community’s urgent call in 2017, laying the foundation for the first classroom and office. What started with 15 early childhood development (ECD) learners in 2018, has now blossomed into a thriving educational hub. Jabez has currently enrolled over 100 learners, and encompasses two classrooms, a playground, kitchens, and a vital borehole providing fresh water.

Empowering Through Education

Our dedicated team, including a Principal, full-time teachers, and support staff, work tirelessly to nurture and educate. In collaboration with the Africa Foundation, we provide aspiring ECD teachers with invaluable on-the-job training. The school’s governance involves a synergistic partnership with parents and local community members, aligning with our philosophy of empowering communities to sustain and develop their own initiatives.

Impact and Expansion

Jabez has made a profound impact, offering quality education and ensuring the safety of its community’s children. The most important achievement is the official registration of the school as an NPO with the Department of Social Development (a Government Department responsible for providing social development, protection, and welfare services to the public). This will provide Jabez with critical support, development, and training from government programs. The school is affiliated with the Ximhungwe Support group for all the ECDs, which is one of the requirements for the Department of Education (DOE) registered schools – The government department that oversees primary and secondary education in South Africa. It is our aim to ultimately hand over the preschool to the DOE and the community. Achievements extend beyond education; the drilled borehole serves both the school and neighbouring homes, and the school provides a daily nutritious meal for every learner.

Our Urgent Needs: A Call to Action

As we look to the future, our mission is nowhere near complete. We urgently require additional facilities to accommodate the ever-increasing enrolments, and to enhance our critical services:

  • Third Classroom: To provide education to our youngest learners within their community [ZAR1,707,980]
  • Additional Ablution Block: Catering to the growing number of students [ZAR384,296]
  • Kitchen and Roof Repairs: Ensuring safe and functional cooking and learning spaces [ZAR69,968]
  • Expanded Vegetable Tunnel: To enrich our meal offerings with a variety of fresh produce [ZAR98,113]
  • Indoor and outdoor flooring [ZAR32,543]

Every single cent counts…


Can you help us to make a difference?

Your support can transform lives in Justicia B. Every contribution brings us closer to providing these essential upgrades and sustaining the beacon of hope that is Jabez.

Let’s unite to empower and educate the future leaders of this vibrant community.