Sponsor a Community Field Guide

Sponsor a Community Field Guide

In South Africa, there’s a vast reservoir of untapped potential, waiting for recognition, nurturing, and direction. Many passionate youngsters’ dreams remain stifled, not because they lack ambition, but because they lack opportunities.

Introducing the Community Field Guide Programme – an initiative that identifies, trains, and empowers young individuals, grooming them to become eco-tourism, hospitality, and environmental conservation champions.

Since our journey began in 2021:

🎓 35 Community Field Guides have graduated and are now contributing to the future of South African eco-tourism and conservation

🌱 33 students are on their way to graduation in 2023

But this is just the beginning.

We’re preparing for our 2024 intake, but we need help to cover the costs of this transformative qualification.

We invite you to be the changemaker, to sponsor a future, and to set into motion a ripple effect that has the potential to uplift communities and the entire nation.

NEEDS: We are fundraising for future candidates. The investment per student is R215,000.